Collegium Nobilium

Collegium Nobilium

Jesuits, who returned to Drohiczyn after Deluge in 1657, found a burnt missionary house, the church ruins and an empty parish rectory. Łuck bishop, Jan Wydżga, handed over the parish to Jesuits conforming to Drohiczyn parish priest request. On March 2, 1659 King Jan Kazimierz issued a Drohiczyn’s Jesuits foundation document.

Jesuits rebuild previously burnt residence and the church, they raised a convent for poor nobility (1699), built a new church (1696-1706) and erected collegium edifice (1747).

The monks first organised a parish school in Drohiczyn and later they extended the learning program with grammar, poetics, rhetoric, moral theology and philosophy. Officially, the rank of college was given to Jesuits residence in Drohiczyn in 1747.


Tłumaczenie tekstu / Translation by - Jakub Bujno