Jewish Cemetery

The cemetery was established in the first quarter of 16th century in Drohiczyn. It is situated outside the town, about 2 kilometres south-east from town centre on the northern side of the road parallel to Bug’s shoreline upon a hill which is behind a slope. The cemetery is not fenced from northern side as well as southern (meaning: the road parallel to river shore). Along the plot’s western boundary there is a railing which is a part of the adjacent property’s railing. The cemetery plot is of trapezium shape and it covers the area of almost 0.5 hectare out of which the burial ground constitutes approximately 0.2 hectare. The general layout of the cemetery is unclear. The Jewish cemetery eastern boundary is overgrown with trees; hazels and aspens mainly. Graves and tombstones are covered with grass and moss. There are about 70 preserved matzevas in the cemetery, many of them are struck with a single brick tombstone ruined. The cemetery was being destroyed during the Second World War and it was deteriorating afterwards.


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