There was a wooden synagogue in Drohiczyn on Piłsudskiego 9 street (today Kraszewskiego street). The building was constructed in 19th century on a rectangular plan of measurements 12 metres and 15.
 The building burnt on June 22, 1941.

Main temple was made of grand wooden bales with its gable lined with red bricks, facing north, and with main entrance from the south side. It was situated near marketplace, next to orthodox parish house. The building was quite characteristic with pitched roof covered first with shingle and then with cement tile raised on a high foundation of field stones having four huge windows facing the street which were placed quite high at arm's length. Next to the main entrance there was a separate small passageway of stone steps for women who sat in a gallery isolated from men praying downstairs with a strong transparent grid. A star of David was placed above the main entrance and, nailed to the door jamb, a mezuza; a small piece of parchment including quotations from Torah touched by every Jew entering the synagogue. The interior of the synagogue was rather modest and nothing was there except for altar chest on the north wall, placed right next to the closet of double doors in which Torah scrolls were kept along with ten commandments board and bima – a special platform for a cantor situated in the middle of the synagogue. All of it was lighted with oil lamps and seven-branched candlestick in the altar part so that the modest interior was almost all the time in half-light.


Tłumaczenie tekstu / Translation by - Jakub Bujno